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Designer Fake Bags Ending VIP cultureAbolishing red beacon lights except on emergency vehicles90% cut in security personnel for politicians and officials2 year ban on foreign travel except where mandatoryPunjab river water for people of the state onlyNo new canal construction, including Sutlej Yamuna Link, to be allowedIntra state river water distribution and infrastructure to be strengthenedWar against drugsZero tolerance policy for smugglers, peddlers, police officers, politicians, bureaucrats or the public indulging in drug traffickingFast track courts to try out cases under the NDPS ActConfiscation of Drug Dealers’ Property Act within 30 days of assuming powerClosure of 5% liquor vends every yearEmployment generationOne lakh taxis, commercial and other vehicles per year replica designer bags wholesale to be provided to unemployed youth at subsidised rates25000 tractors with other tools for unemployed youthJob in every household through creation of new jobs over 5 yearsUnemployment allowance of Rs 2,500 per month to those registered with the bureaus till job is provided Industry and TradeElectricity tariff for industry to be frozen at Rs 5/unit for next 5 yearsAgriculture and Allied OccupationsKarza Maufi loan waiverContinuation of free power to farmersNew law to prevent sale and kurki of farmers’ land by lending agenciesFarmers’ pension scheme raising ex gratia to families of suicide victims to Rs. 10 lakhIncrease in crop compensation, crop insuranceFor Dalits, OBCs and MinoritiesFree house or 5 marla land to homeless families in these categories which have an annual income less than Rs. 5 lakhStrict enforcement of reservation in government jobs for Scheduled Caste families, job for at least one person in every such familyIncrease in government job reservation for OBCs from 12% to 15%Reservation for Other Backward Castes in educational institutions to be doubled from 5 to 10%EducationRegularization of jobs for all contractual teachers and redressal of teachers’ grievancesWomen Empowerment33% reservation for women in all government jobs including contractual appointmentsFree education for best replica bags girls for Class I to PhDCrisis centres in all districts to help women affected by domestic violenceThe manifesto further promises extensive power reforms in the state, infrastructure development, environment protection, promotion of Punjabiat, along with measures for cooperatives, street vendors, labourers, safai karamcharis, pensioners and senior citizens Designer Fake Bags.

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